Past Events

CNY 2019 Breakfast with SA Elderly at Coastal Settlement

A meaningful CNY celebration for some yoga friends who befriended a group of SA Elderly from Tembusu Senior Activity Centre and sponsored their breakfast. They even packed auspicious bags filled with healthy products for them to bring home.

Winter 2016 Yoga Experience

My recent winter yoga experience had been most enriching. From the mad scramble to get hold of new rupees due to the overnight rupee revolution, to the well organised and structured yoga training with Ushaji, I experienced the duality of chaos and orderly, all in Rishikesh, India. It was amazing, even the Himalayan monkey was calm and cool, not disturbed by the ongoing activities, engrossed in deep meditation. With a long break before I begin my yoga classes, I had plentiful of wonderful outdoor yoga sessions at Tarako, Taiwan. In between my trips, I even managed to go on a walking meditation along Punggol Waterway.  Here is the poem which relate my experience during the walk.

In light drizzle, I began my morning walk.

The whiff of the morning dew awoke me.

The sight of the greenery delighted me.

The stillness of a butterfly suspending from the branch of a tree, captivated me.

The undisturbed fallen leaves and flowers on my path, enchanted me.

The huge lantern lookalike fruit hanging from the tree, intrigued me.

The lone mushroom sprouting from the earth, amazed me.

The gentle ripples on the surface of the lake, appeared like a big piece of glittering cover cloth with beautiful motifs.

In quietness, in solitude, I continued my walk…

Till i reached the red steel bridge.

Winter 2015 Yoga Experience

A place is never the same even if you have visited it many times. This year, one of my greatest discovery was the glittering golden mustard field along the way to the Ashram. My senses were awaken just like in my yogaasanas practice. The impression was so lasting that I captured it as one of my self exploratory artwork. The same goes for yogasana practice. From time to time. we may repeat a pose habitually but the sensation and impression may be different, depending on the state of our mind, our body condition and the environment. Yoga practice is never mundane and routine. It is alive!

Apr 2015 Batam Yoga Trip

Great bonding over a day trip to Batam. Thank you for your contributions to HOY funds which is used to organise activities for the SA elderly at Tembusu Senior Activity Centre.

~ It is not the destination that matters but rather the companion of like-minded friends ~

Winter 2014 Yoga Experience

In my recent annual yoga training in India. I decided to pick up some acrylic paint and charcoal pencils to explore my new interest in painting and drawing. The experience was refreshing and it certainly nurtured my meditative mood. When practising yoga, our mind focus on the presence. We sense the body parts that are involved in the yogasanas. Similarly, painting or drawing allows us to be more observant on the surrounding or the subject that we are working on. Our mind becomes more focus and quieter. Furthermore, it allows us to express what we see, things that we would usually take for granted.

Another great experience during this winter holiday was the self practice yoga sessions at Yggdrasiltunet. The tranquil settings and enchanting landscape brought much positive energy to my practice. I feel rejuvenated after my trip to Tromso.

Spring 2014 Temple Stay at Golgulsa, South Korea

The serene and peaceful settings at Golgulsa was a conducive environment to practise meditation. Also it was a rare opportunity to get up close with nature and the other living beings (squirrel, frogs and even garden snakes) which co-exist in the same place harmoniously.

CNY 2014 Yoga Retreat at AngKor Wat

A meaningful way to spend the CNY by practising sunrise yoga at the ancient temple grounds of AngKor Wat and performing karma yoga at a village farm. Thanks to all who contributed funds for us to prepare 200 goodie bags for the children. The excess funds was passed on to the pastor who managed the farm. The smiles on the faces of the children were memorable scenes from the trip.

“in this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa