My Yoga Philosophy


Everyday, we are burdened with old and new concerns, responsibilities. Our worries affect our moods, and invariably have an effect on the people we interact with. When we practise yoga, we draw our minds to the present moment. We hold the asanas (poses) by focusing on body parts that we are activating and channeling our attention to dristhis( gazing points), (more…)


Practising Yogasanas (Yoga Postures) draws us inward, to be in tune with our body and mind. We become more conscious and aware of the body parts that we are working on. Our body is a reliable feedback channel, so we listen and acknowledge the symptoms that our body shares with us! If we love and respect our body, it will reciprocate in a positive way and take us far.


If we hop onto a bus and alight prematurely, we will never reach our destination. Hassling and stressing the bus driver along the way will not get us a safe journey. So be patient, sit back and enjoy the ride! Similarly, practising yoga is a lifetime journey which cannot be rushed. It can only be experienced if we cultivate a discipline to practise yoga regularly. (more…)